Born & raised in Belgium. Until high school, I lived with my 2 sisters a carefree, countryside-style family life, but the vibrant city of nearby Brussels was always luring & very present. To me Brussels was a place of social issues, buzzing energy, of intrigue, chaos, creativity, grit as well as beauty & history. The kind of beauty that made me create stories, inventing a world of my own, strongly influenced by music, paintings, street impressions and storytelling imagery in magazines and movies.

I lost myself in museums, in dance and the grace of the human body and developed a fondness for alternative and noir movies, for Belgian & Japanese fashions and more in particular for the images of Sarah Moon. No one has touched my soul as much as she has.

A serious inclination towards the "darker", mature poetry of life established.

Brussels, where I grew into being an adult, finally became my home until I moved to Los Angeles.

Faces, the atmosphere of grain, blur, a touch of nostalgia, the beauty of motion, textures, longer exposures, unusual cropping - as humans who do not fit the mould -, simple gestures, ethereal moments that only I see at a particular moment in time, are all relevant to what I want to bring into my portrait- and fine-art work. I embrace aesthetics as much as the imperfections.

Everything that surrounds us moves all the time, but there is a mystery and profoundness in catching simple gestures.

I left everything I ever knew behind to move to Los Angeles and was injected by a new wave of fresh-but-often-too-hot desert air. It made me look forward, less depending on the past. I have met some wonderful people here, they contribute to whom I have become as a photographer.

"What I depict is born of one or many episodes that I observe in the lives of all men and women, the history of small events. " ... everything that we do, everything that we are, call to art and ask to be revealed." - P-J Proudhon

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