1. Ice Flowers Prints

    08 Jun 2020
    Shop the Collection now! I selected the best of “Ice Flowers”.  Shop for some beautiful prints! Flower poster

  2. Elysian Park, Los Angeles

    20 May 2020
    Road tripping…. I love the word, it is suiting me just fine.  But since quarantine restrictions are still in place, I get my weekly kicks within the city. Los Angeles city has about 500 mi2 (roughly 4 million people).  It’s vast and makes having a car a necessity.  It is…

  3. Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles

    13 May 2020
    Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Topanga Canyon, a small community of about 9000 people, just north of Los Angeles, part of Los Angeles County.  I had the need to leave the house (although still in quarantine life).  It was my birthday and I was longing for road tripping through…

  4. Mono no aware

    01 Apr 2020
    CalifornianTree Poppy, Honorable Mention @NYC4PA 2020 Honorable Mention for Californian Poppy Tree Smell the roses Daisies, black background Daisies, white background Lillies SHOP THE ICE FLOWER COLLECTION HERE! Mono no aware is a term describing the awareness of the impermanence of things in life. With this notion in mind &…

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