My belief is that a creative portrait occurs through imagination, passion and skill and can stand the test of time. A testimony , a desire of life being lived, expressing a  universal drive to find something to hold onto, to attain permanence in a fleeting world.

I create artful portraits, guided by an innate feeling for poetry.    A subtle timeless undercurrent is an important aspect while creating, making your portrait an ideal investment, one which you will enjoy for generations to come.

Are you on a journey?

Are you growing and changing - whether it’s personal or business or both?
Are you creating?
Do you want to show your worth and value? 

Have things been a bit unfairly neglected?
Do you want to celebrate your life's achievements-  for yourself and for people who love you?

I will help you on this journey.

Just take a moment.

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New Covid-19 guidelines and safe-operation

I will work according to the restricted safety guidelines.  You can read about it here.

Please note that I will have a Covid-19 notice and waiver for you to sign.

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