Belgian Portrait & Fine Art Photographer residing in Los Angeles, California.

Born and raised in and around the beautiful city of Brussels. In 2006 I moved to California. I live with my husband in Los Angeles.

Studied photography at Santa Monica College (USA).

When I'm not acting, breathing, thinking, dreaming as a photographer, you can find me on the roads driving through California, while listening to music playing in my car (I actually still buy music, as well as analog books).  I live in a typical American ranch house from the 1940's with a sometimes-green front lawn and a driveway. The kind of house  I used to see in American movies, with electric wires against amazing sunsets & surrounded by palm trees. Every Friday evening is vinyl-record evening.

A cup of coffee, a cocktail 🍹 , the company of good friends, the ocean breeze & a good read, great design, and some morning stretching can make my day.

Most often I'm surrounded by my dog, Lula.  We go location searching all the time. 

Julia Margaret Cameron Award winner 2015.

Contact me : or 📞 13104900607 (US)

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Born & raised in Belgium. Until high school, I lived with my 2 sisters a carefree, countryside-style family life, but the vibrant city of nearby Brussels was always luring & very present. To me Brussels was a place of social issues, buzzing energy, of intrigue, chaos, creativity, grit as well as beauty & history. The kind of beauty that made me create stories, inventing a world of my own, strongly influenced by music, movies, paintings, street impressions and storytelling imagery in magazines. 

I lost myself in museums, in dance and the grace of the human body and developed a fondness for alternative and noir movies, for Belgian & Japanese fashions and more in particular for the images of Sarah Moon. No one has touched my soul as much as she has.

A serious inclination towards the "darker", mature poetry of life established.

Brussels, where I grew into being an adult, finally became my home until I moved to Los Angeles.

Faces, the atmosphere of grain, blur, a touch of nostalgia, the beauty of motion, textures, longer exposures, unusual cropping - as humans who do not fit the mould -, simple gestures, ethereal moments that only I see at a particular moment in time, are all relevant to what I want to bring into my portrait- and fine-art work. I embrace aesthetics as much as the imperfections. 

Everything that surrounds us moves all the time, but there is a mystery and profoundness in catching simple gestures.

I left everything I ever knew behind to move to Los Angeles and was injected by a new wave of fresh-but-often-too-hot desert air. It made me look forward, less depending on the past. I have met some wonderful people here, they contribute to whom I have become as a photographer.

"What I depict is born of one or many episodes that I observe in the lives of all men and women, the history of small events. " ... everything that we do, everything that we are, call to art and ask to be revealed." - P-J Proudhon

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