"Jadis & Naguère", a nostalgic journey

Jadis et Naguère" are two beautiful French words practically meaning the same, referring to the past, to bygone days.

The Story behind this series:

After moving from Brussels to Los Angeles, my eagerness, enhanced by the exploration of a new world, created excitement and thrill but was consuming and hard at the same time. Moving made me realise I was seeking a sensibility that was inherent to the old Europe, inherent to everything that had shaped my personality. These images symbolize my "coming-of-age" in 2 different worlds coming together. Therefore, in a way, they are portraits of my state of mind and are closest to my personality.

"Veil" exhibited at LACP group exhibition at DNJ Gallery, Santa Monica in 2014

Photographs printed on Canson's Archival Rag Fine Art mat paper. Limited Edition 1/15. 

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