City Unseen, a surreal love story in NYC

When light becomes dark and dark becomes light, with no beginning and no end. Looking up, looking down, all dazzling. A metamorphosis of the soul. 

The Story behind this series:

This series is based on solarization, a darkroom technique creating a reversal of tonalities giving it its surreal character and emphasizing the amalgam of the city's impressive architecture. An ongoing series, my manifestation of the unaltered love for the city “O’Manhattan” and all its experiences.  Dedicated to change & permanence.  

The atmosphere also gives a glimpse of a mood that inhabited part of my childhood.

Publication portfolio "L'oeil de la Photography" & "Untitled” exhibited in Berlin, awarded  the 7th JMC award.

Prints available on fine art, archival metallic paper.  Limited Edition 1/15. 

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