Limited editions 1/15, signed & authenticated.  Different sizes available upon request.  Printed on archival Epson Exhibition Fiber.

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, LEAVE

In this photo noir project, I created a collection of dark, poetic images, that reflect the noir genre. Each image feels aesthetically mysterious, and together they suggest a story.

The Story behind this series:

When I moved to Los Angeles, I played with the idea of creating a photographic film noir project. Strangely enough, living in movieland demystified the whole process for a while. I guess I had to step back in order to fall in love again.

I have always had a fascination with fine crafted cinema. It is to me a visual feast and often a projection of intense inner feelings.

As a young child I embraced soft, pastel colors, and joyful imagery. My early years were happy and carefree in bucolic surroundings.

Later in life, when living in urban areas, I discovered “film noir” which engendered maturity and complexity in the images I was drawn to. Currently I see the world in a darker and more poetic way, with stark contrasts, mystery and motion. 

LACP Group Exhibition in Hollywood "Mixed, Nine Photographic Visions

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