Topanga Canyon

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Topanga Canyon, a small community of about 9000 people, just north of Los Angeles, part of Los Angeles County.  I had the need to leave the house (although still in quarantine life).  It was my birthday and I was longing for road tripping through the surrounding landscapes.   LA county opened up some hiking trails recently. So off I went. Only about 15 miles away from the hustle-and-bustle of the westside of the city, the pace is more quiet and slow, the sun unforgiving, but giant sycamores and Californian oak trees surround you and give relief and the smell of sage bushes mixed with spring’s wild flowers lingers in the air .

There is only one main road going into the mountains, starting at the coast at Topanga Beach, a great spot for surfers, ascending about a 1000 feet and finally connecting with The Valley, as we call the San Fernando Valley.  There are multiple, very steep and small side roads, which makes for a great scenic drive.

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Vintage Ford

Vintage car

Local vegetation

Colorful living

A different way of living

Typical architecture

One of many side roads


surrounded by trees

golden fields

A little funk

casual way of life

living in Topanga

stores still closed

sycamore trees

the main road

golden light

Topanga Canyon Road


sunset over Topanga Beach

Topanga Beach

surfer spot



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